Muscle Food: Bringing Health to your Household


So last week I was craving for some mouth-watering food, I started to browse through some online stores just to order something. When I scrolled down the webpage of Muscle Foods amongst several amazing products I ordered their newly inducted meal, Tikka chicken and rice pot, a BBQ chicken with a rice pot for my younger brother and a pack of six, chocolate and hazelnut shot. I will briefly explain my first time experience and taste and quality of each of the ordered products so that you could an idea what and from where to order next time you shop online.

Tikka Chicken and Rice Pot 321-kcal:

First and foremost the thing which was finger-licking good was the Tikka chicken and rice pot, taste and flavor both were at its peak in each bite. The tikka chicken was steam cooked having broccoli, cauliflower as a dressing and a relish creamy tikka sauce which made the meal unmatchable, the rice was just as icing on the cake due to which it looked even more good. You can check this site for more deals and buy this meal box for a discounted price of £70 by using our Muscle Food Discount Code for First Order for Oct 2021.

BBQ Chicken and Rice Pot 306-kcal:

Next in line is another delicious and appetizing meal, BBQ chicken and the rice pot, having a high nutritious value, containing all necessary proteins, calories and carbohydrates which are enough to keep you charged up the entire day. My younger brother is surely not a big fan of meat as he tries to stay on a vegetarian diet but since the day he tried out the BBQ chicken with rice he is starving for more. This meal is low on fat and sugar which makes a perfect post workout meal as well.

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Chocolate and Hazelnut Shots-6*25g:

The last thing which we ordered was a pack of six chocolate and hazelnut shots. I believe dinner isn’t complete without chocolates, who doesn’t like chocolates and even those having healthy aspects alongside them. A mixture of blended raisins topped with cocoa caramel and hazelnut halves milky chocolate. This splendid delight proved to be the perfect pick for us and made our dinner even more enjoyable. 


I would confidently say that my experience with Muscle Food was outstanding, from start to end every aspect of customer service, customer care, timely delivery of products and all other factors were topped with high standards of service. Having a low budget of around 15 pounds but still I managed to save some amount which is tremendous. The quality of food was just phenomenal and considering the amount of money which was needed to serve two people. I would highly recommend Muscle Foods to all residing in the United Kingdom as it is easily accessible over here for people residing outside the UK would have to wait a little longer to get their products shipped to their doorsteps. Moreover, ease your life and be a regular buyer at Muscle Foods in order to spend your money and time in the right place.